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Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Fort Washington, MD

When it comes to your oral health, it is better to be safe than sorry. Because your wisdom teeth do not usually grow in until the late teenage years, you may have already undergone years of orthodontic treatment.

Michael Family Dental offers wisdom tooth extraction to clients who are affected by the positioning of their newly emerging teeth. This procedure is performed under sedation and has a minimal recovery time. Preserve your oral health with wisdom tooth extraction in Fort Washington, MD.

Happy Teens in Fort Washington, MD

Wisdom Tooth Removal with Caring, Expert Dentists

Just as in other procedures, wisdom tooth removal can be preventative or restorative. If you allow your wisdom teeth to grow in, you may be facing serious oral health concerns in the future. Our dentists truly care about your health and will not recommend a wisdom tooth extraction unless it is completely necessary. Some of the top health reasons for scheduling this service are:

  • Bettering Your Oral Health by Keeping Your Gums Clean
  • Removing Them Prior to Eruption for Faster Recovery
  • Lowering Your Chance for Gum Disease and Jawbone Loss
  • Limiting the Chance of Infection in Your Mouth
  • Keeping Your Teeth Positioned Correctly
  • Helping Reduce the Swelling of Your Gums
  • Giving Yourself Peace of Mind
  • Eliminating the Chance of Cysts

Our Dentists Explain Every Step of Third Molar Extraction

When you are a patient at our family dentist, you immediately become a member of our own family and we treat you as such. One of the most essential parts of your recovery from a third molar extraction is aftercare. Our dentists show you how to take care of your mouth after the surgery and give you specific instructions about preventing common mistakes.

Diligent aftercare helps you get better quickly. We always schedule a follow-up appointment after your wisdom tooth removal and stay available in case there are any complications that require an appointment. We are available 24/7 when it comes to your recovery.

Contact us today to schedule a wisdom tooth removal with our experienced family dental practice. We are conveniently located in Fort Washington, MD, and also serve clients in Northern Virginia and Southeast D.C.