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Pediatric Dentist in Fort Washington, MD

There is nothing more precious than seeing your child smile. Our Child Care preserves your child's beautiful smile for a lifetime by teaching positive habits. Michael Family Dental specializes in teaching children good hygiene habits and cavity prevention. Just as your own early experiences affected your perspective of what the dentist's office is like, so will your child's first interactions with a dentist.

We are extremely knowledgeable about the typical problems a child may face, including such issues as cavities and overcrowding of teeth. Encourage your child's positive oral hygiene habits with the help of our Child Care in Fort Washington, MD.

Kid’s Dentist with Experience in Early Childhood Development

Children grow by leaps and bounds in the first few years of life. Just as you see their speech and learning expand exponentially, you should expect to see growth in your child's teeth. Our children's dentist is familiar with the steps of childhood development.

We know how to encourage your son or daughter to take a sense of ownership over their oral health without teaching concepts that are beyond his or her understanding. Even young children that are developing their motor skills should be encouraged to brush with follow up from a parent. Benefit your child for a lifetime by scheduling an appointment with our kid's dentist.

Child Care in Fort Washington, MD

Children’s Dentist Makes Dental Appointments Enjoyable

The discomfort many adult patients experience when they visit the dentist can usually be tied to the dental care they had as children. We work to make visiting the dentist's office enjoyable with kind technicians and caring children's dentists. Some of the ways we encourage children to take charge of their oral health include:

  • Demonstration of Proper Brushing Techniques
  • Giving the Child Examples of Bad Hygiene
  • Encouraging Parents to Emulate Good Habits
  • Answering Every Question 
  • Allowing the Child to Explain His or Her Concerns
  • Sharing Stories to Keep up the Positive Habits
  • Explaining the Steps of Every Procedure, if the Child Is Interested
  • Identifying and Showing Potential Cavity Locations to the Patient
  • Curbing Thumb Sucking Habits before Adult Teeth Come in
  • Explaining the Reasons Behind the Tasks, Such as X-Rays
  • Using a Model to Teach Flossing and Brushing, with Attention to Molars

Contact us today to schedule your first appointment with our Child Care. We are located in Fort Washington, MD, and also serve communities in Northern Virginia.