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Teeth Whitening in Fort Washington, MD

When it comes to your smile, you should never feel uncomfortable. Professional teeth whitening is a comfortable, transformative, and long-lasting dental procedure that can increase your confidence in one short appointment.

Michael Family Dental offers in-office teeth whitening which changes the color of your teeth by more shades than any over-the-counter option. Through the use of carefully applied whitener and targeted light, our knowledgeable dentist completes your desired level of teeth whitening in Fort Washington, MD.

Professional Teeth Bleaching vs Over-the-Counter Products

Although many over-the-counter products make claims about the effectiveness of their teeth whitening solutions, none of these options are as effective as professional teeth bleaching. Our dentists are highly trained in every aspect of oral health, including cosmetic procedures. We target the treatment to leave all of your teeth whitened properly without inconsistent shades. The advantages of professional, in-office teeth whitening include:

  • Preserving the Health of Your Gums
  • Molded to the Exact Shape of Your Teeth
  • Removing Stains to Revive Your Natural Color
  • Maximum Color Change Occurs with Professional Gels
  • Application Can Be Varied for More Persistent Stains
  • Time for the Service Is Varied based on Your Needs
Woman with White Teeth in Fort Washington, MD

In-Office Teeth Whitening Reduces Sensitivity

If you have ever tried an over-the-counter teeth-whitening product, it is likely you experienced sensitivity on both your teeth and gums. In-office teeth whitening involves placing the product on the right parts of your teeth without exposing your gums to damage. You may still experience tooth sensitivity, but only a dentist can properly apply professional teeth bleaching material. We can account for your age, extent of the staining, and food consumption habits.

Also, when you schedule in-office teeth whitening, our dentist's expert eye may detect any oral health problems that could be exacerbated by teeth whitening. While we are happy to complete cosmetic procedures, the safety and protection of your oral health always come first. Our professional teeth whitening can give you the most dramatic, targeted results in the shortest amount of time.

Contact us today to schedule professional teeth bleaching with one of our highly qualified professionals. We are proud to serve clients in Fort Washington, National Harbor, and Clinton, MD.