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Dentures in Fort Washington, MD

Life is too short to cover your smile and feel self-conscious about your appearance. Take charge of your oral health with dentures that look natural and restore your smile to look better than ever before. Michael Family Dental serves a range of patients in all stages of dental health. Our aim is to ensure patients experience fewer problems with their teeth.

We have assisted numerous patients become more confident in their appearances with full or partial dentures. If your teeth have deteriorated with age, you may not even remember how easy it was to speak and chew with all of your teeth. Let us help you eat, speak, and smile easily with new dentures in Fort Washington, MD.

Partial Dentures Support Your Remaining Teeth

Aside from the improving the look of missing teeth, partial dentures restore your mouth's function. When we fill a gap in your teeth with partial dentures, it leaves your remaining teeth more supported and less likely to fall out. Some of the advantages to getting partial dentures are:

  • Chewing Becomes Easier and More Effective
  • Restoring the Balance of Your Facial Features
  • Reducing the Pressure and Usage of Your Other Teeth
  • Speaking Requires Less Effort and Natural Speech is Easy Once Again
  • Lowering the Chances of Jaw Problems
  • Resting Your Teeth and Tongue Will Once Again Be Effortless
  • Filling the Gap That Makes You Self-Conscious about your Smile
  • Ease of Cleaning Bacteria from the Teeth
  • More Stain-Resistant Than Natural Teeth
  • Impact-Resistant, Especially More so Than Teeth Advanced in Age
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Full Dentures Are Natural-Looking & Comfortable

Due to innovations in the dental industry, dentures have never been more natural looking than they are today. Because of 3D X-ray technology and other new manufacturing methods, your dentures will not be the loose style that were common in the past. We are able to fit your dentures to your teeth and customize them with the tooth color you prefer. Full dentures come with all of the perks of partial dentures, including stain-resistance, impact-resistance, and proper sizing to fit your mouth. In some cases, taking charge of your oral health means making the choice to get full dentures.

Contact us today to learn more about dentures for your mouth. We are proud to serve clients in Fort Washington, MD, Northern Virginia, and Clinton, MD.