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Orthodontics in Fort Washington, MD

There is no time like the present to correct your bite and teeth with the help of our orthodontics dental care. Michael Family Dentist serves clients of all ages. We provide orthodontic treatment so our patients can visit one convenient office for preventative dental care and corrective braces.

We use the latest technology in braces and palate expanders to correct your teeth and mouth. When we devise your treatment plan, our staff will discuss your available options and help you determine the best way to correct your teeth.

Our licensed and insured professionals assist with making the most informed decision concerning your treatment. From spacing to biting, turn to our caring orthodontics office in Fort Washington, MD, for the corrective oral treatment you seek.

Teenager with Braces in Fort Washington, MD

Orthodontic Benefits of Braces

Whether you finally think it's time for you to get braces, or you have a child that may need orthodontic treatment, an initial consultation with our specialist can give you an accurate perspective of the correction you may need. We use all types of braces and specialize in quick treatment for minimal inconvenience for every client. If you qualify, we offer Invisalign and braces. Some of the advantages of orthodontic treatment with braces include:

  • Increasing Confidence
  • Relieving Stress from Uneven Teeth
  • Preventing Further Oral Health Problems
  • Give Your Tongue More Space to Rest
  • Improving Your Appearance
  • Decreasing Chances of Tooth Decay
  • Bettering Your Oral Health

Decrease Your Treatment Time with Dental Braces

No patient wants to hear that his or her orthodontic treatment time has been extended. No matter what your age, we understand you want to get the smile you have dreamed of in the shortest amount of time. Without cutting corners, our staff always follows through with the most effective, and efficient, treatment possible. When we can use one type of orthodontic treatment, such as braces, to correct more than one issue we will do so. For example, dental braces can be used to straighten your teeth and also correct an overbite.

Contact us today schedule your initial appointment. We are conveniently located in Fort Washington, MD and also serve Upper Marlboro and Clinton, MD.