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Dental Crowns Fort Washington, DM

Dental Crowns in Fort Washington, MD

You no longer have to live with tooth pain or discomfort when our dental team can correct your issue. It is our job to find the source of your pain, correct the problem, and make your smile look better than ever. Michael Family Dental has successfully helped patients achieve beautiful smiles. We will assess your dental health, find the problem, and treat the issue. In some cases, the best avenue for treatment includes preserving the tooth by adding dental crowns.

Advantages of Porcelain Crowns

Dental crowns do not simply improve your oral health, but they also restore the look of your smile. Our dentists take the time to properly match the color of your existing teeth and fit the shape of your tooth prior to decay. From molars to front teeth, porcelain crowns will camouflage the gap in your stunning smile. The advantages to adding porcelain crowns to your mouth include:

  • Improving the Look of Broken Teeth
  • Relieving You of Existing Tooth Pain
  • No Shifting and Sliding of Your Natural Teeth
  • Restoring the Function of Your Damaged Tooth
  • Protecting Your Tooth from More Decay
  • Recreating the Look of Your Teeth with the Right Color
  • Resisting Stains Because of the Way They Are Made
  • Better Fit Makes It Easy for You to Speak Properly
  • Better Fit Makes It Easy for You to Eat Properly
  • Increases Your Confidence
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Dental Bridges Keep Your Teeth in Position

Missing one or more teeth dramatically decreases your confidence because you fear that people will see the gap in your smile. Dental bridges restore your smile by using two anchor teeth to fill in the space where your teeth are missing. Aside from aesthetic reasons, dental bridges also prevent your other teeth from moving. A few appointments with our dentist can make your smile beautiful and functional once again.

What's Involved In Getting Tooth Crowns?

We often determine whether a crown is needed through an oral exam, at which point we'll consult you about what material is ideal for your situation. Once the decision is made, we take an impression of the tooth to make a crown and then bond it into place. That's all there is to it. There's no need for surgery, extractions, or any changes to your speech and eating habits. You can go about your life as normal, and no one but us has to know that you have a crown at all.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment that will correct your tooth pain and restore your tooth's shape with dental crowns. We are located in Fort Washington, MD, and also serve the southeast area of Washington D.C.