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Six-Month Smile in Fort Washington, MD

No need to cover your mouth any longer with our short-term braces solution. Michael Family Dental cares for the oral health of patients at all stages of oral health. You may have eliminated orthodontics as an option in the past because traditional braces were your only option.

Quick braces speed up the process and give you straight teeth in less time. Transform your look, strengthen your bite, and improve your oral health with your new six-month smile in Fort Washington, MD.

How Short-Term Braces Work

When our dentists tell patients about short-term braces, many new patients believe the braces sound too good to be true. Short-term braces are not a myth, but rather a scientific innovation. Just as traditional braces used to do, short-term braces correct the positioning and alignment of your teeth.

Unlike other options, our six-month smile system uses a series of orthodontic principles to move your teeth quickly. The most common problems treated by this system are overcrowding, incorrect bites, and misaligned teeth. The system is tooth colored so it is not as noticeable as traditional braces. After an assessment of your teeth, we will determine if this Invisalign alternative is the right treatment for you.

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Quick Braces Make It Easier to Speak, Chew, and Smile

Our orthodontist can help adult and young adult patients experience the feeling of eating and speaking with properly aligned teeth. Quick braces also create a healthier mouth that is also aesthetically pleasing. Some of the benefits of getting short-term braces include:

  • Boosting Your Confidence
  • Decreasing Your Risk of Oral Disease
  • Decreasing the Likelihood of Tooth Damage or Injury to Protruding Teeth
  • Alleviating Your Eating Issues
  • Boosting Confidence by Creating a Smile You Are Proud of Showing Off
  • Promoting the Long-Term Health of Your Teeth
  • Altering Your Ability to Clean Your Teeth by Exposing More Surface Area
  • Creating an Attractive Profile and Guiding Your Facial Growth

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our orthodontist to learn more about quick braces for your smile. We are located in Fort Washington, MD, and also serve clients in Northern Virginia and Southeast D.C.